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We would like to express our appreciation for the substantial contributions by so many industry colleagues, without whom this book could not have been written. As will be made clear in the rest of this book, managing a family office properly requires the active involvement of a broad range of professionals, advisers, and service providers, each providing the family and their family office with discrete expertise, experience, and advice.

This is also true with respect to this book, which is intended to be a comprehensive guide for academics, students, principals, and practitioners as they study the industry and/or navigate the challenges of starting and running a family office. As such, the insights and advice shared in this book come, in part, from a number of contributors who developed content for specific chapters, permitted the use of their prior writings on the subject, or provided detailed advice to the authors.

While we have endeavored to list all these contributors in the endnotes and the “Appreciations” section, we would like to formally recognize and thank those who contributed significant content to the book (in alphabetical order). 

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